Mahler Symphony No. 2 - 77th Season Finale

Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 2 in C minor "Resurrection"
The Norwalk Symphony Orchestra with The Mendelssohn Choir of Connecticut under the direction of Dr. Carole Ann Maxwell.

The Norwalk Symphony Orchestra proudly presents their 77th season finale,  Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 in C minor "Resurrection", under the baton of Jonathan Yates. They are joined by the Mendelssohn Choir of Connecticut conducted by Dr. Carole Ann Maxwell.
Recognized by many as one of the greatest symphonic works of all time, Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 2  is a musical iteration of the conflicts between life, beauty, death, and the afterlife. It features an expansive orchestration, including a full choir in the finale; a physical manifestation of the brazenness and power inscribed in the work.

Mahler’s “Resurrection” symphony is comprised of five movements. It begins with a funeral march, followed by a “Ländler,” or folk dance, and a scherzo. The ensuing vocal poem introduces the epic fifth movement, which has been called “the finale to end all finales.”

More than 122 years after the world premiere of Mahler’s 2nd Symphony, the grandeur and excitement of the masterpiece endures.